Smart learning behavior

Make your home a trusted friend to share your feelings
Dobu personal assistant (PA) wakes you up in the morning and greets you
when you come home in the evening, and does many things in between.

Dobu finds the most efficient energy usage patterns for you.

Your Dobu PA helps you to save money by tracking the house utility consumption. You no longer try to be a statistician, Dobu does all the calculations and proposes the most efficient energy solutions for you.

Dobu helps you to live smart so that you have more time for other important things in your life.

With passing time, Dobu learns your preferences and does things for you without any instructions. It makes sure the lights are off at 11 PM or the coffee is ready at 7 AM, and it knows on Sundays the curtains should be not be opened too early.



Dobu Essential

The Essential is well suited for anyone who is new to smart home automation and looking for an affordable, easy to learn, and flexible system. Most necessary elements of security and home control are included in the package.

Dobu Mutant

The Mutant is a customizable package which can transform any home into a luxury home featuring a convenience of smart automation. Full extent of true home automation and security solution is available in the package.

Dobu Pro

The Pro is a smart automation system suitable for enterprise clients. The product is built upon the main elements of Dobu home products, and expanded to fulfill the critical requirements of the most enterprise customers.

Dobu Accessories

Life changes and needs arise. We understand that, and that is why Dobu accessories are available for expanding or updating your home. Whether it is a switch or camera or detector, you can find it all here.