Dobu accessories will help you to expand your
Dobu system to fully automate all of your house by adding more devices.


Dobu accessories will help you to expand your Dobu system to fully automate all of your house by adding more devices.

Dobu operates on mesh-network of detectors and controllers. It also means that you can add additional detectors etc. over time. Whether it is an intrusion detector or a smart light switch, you can find it all here.

What are the accessories?

Control panel
Intrusion detector
Fire detector
Air quality detector
Smart electrical outlet
Smart light switch
RGB light


Life changes and needs arise. We understand that, and that is why Dobu accessories are available for expanding or updating your home. Whether it is a switch or camera or detector, you can find it all here.


Dobu is a fusion between the functionality and the aesthetics. Dobu is aesthetically pleasing as it blends contemporary design shapes with classic colors. CCU and detectors feature smooth curved edges that are easier on the eyes. Because black and shaded whites were chosen as primary colors, the Essential gets integrated into any room naturally. It becomes a part of the house effortlessly.


Every element of Dobu, whether it is CCU or intrusion detector etc., was developed to make it functionally superior while keeping its user friendliness and ease of use. Despite of the advanced technologies integrated into the system, the system remains intuitive. You do not have to be a technology expert as Dobu simply does what it is supposed to do with minimal supervision.


With Dobu, your home becomes an extension of your mood, feelings, or reversely, it can cheer you up when you need it most. Play with the lights: change the color from thousands of choice, dim the light, or brighten the room.

Dimensions 4" x 4" x 2.4"
Weight 3 oz
Power 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Coverage area 107 sq.ft
Power 20watt
Operating Condition
Environment Indoor
Operating Humidity (10 - 90)% RH
Operating Temp -4°F to 122°F


Smart Light Switch

These beautifully designed touch-sensitive light switches are easy to install and remotely accessible. Stay warm and turn the light off from your bed. And, with Dobu CCU, it will know when you want which light on and does that for you. As an added benefit, it informs you of the electricity usage of the light so that energy can be saved.

Smart electrical outlet

Dobu’s smart electrical outlets offer you remote monitoring and controlling of home electronics no matter where you are. Whether it is a TV, or a coffee maker, or a washer/dryer, you will have 24/7 monitoring and controlling. Together with Dobu CCU, it learns your behavior, and with your permission it can do regular tasks, like running a humidifier, automatically. Have a peace of mind, as Dobu smart outlet will inform you whenever a device is on.


Power 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Humidity (10-90)% RH
Operating Temp -4°F to 122°F

Light Switch

Touch Capacitive glass touch
Dimming Touch holding function
Compatibility Halogen Bulbs

Electrical outlet

Max current 10A
Standard EU, US